General Treatments

Medinova does not only specialise in high-end cosmetic procedures, we also have something for our customers who are just in need of some sprucing up, perhaps rest and restoration therapy or reconnecting with family and loved ones. You are assured that we have something at our beauty institute that will leave you feeling decadent. Stockists of our general procedures include internationally acclaimed products such as Lycon Wax, Essie and Gelish… just to name a few. Therefore, take some time out and indulge on one of our luxury general procedures; from a one of a kind manicure to luxury massages and a good clean wax.


Services & Pricing


Natural Tips (Acrylic/Gel)

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Natural Tips: (Acrylic/Gel) R355.00
French Tips (Acrylic/Gel) R360.00
Acrylic (Full Set) R360.00
Acrylic Overlay R295.00
Acrylic & Gel ( Full Set) R490.00
Nail Art
Procedure Price (ZAR)
Nail Art ( Full Set) R415.00
Add On Nail Art Basic (per nail) R6.50
Add On Nail Art Designer (per nail) R7.50


Procedure Price (ZAR)
Two-week Fill R225.00
French Back Fill (2 weeks) R230.00
Nail/Toenail Repair( per nail) R55.00
Hands & Feet Removals (Gelish) R45.00
Hands & Feet Removals (Acrylic & Gelish) R55.00
Soak off with Buff & Polish R110.00
Soak off with New Application ( Acrylic/Gelish) R160.00

Note: Hands & feet nail removal prices are dependent on products used!




Medinova – French Polish Add On


Mr. S.A 2014 finalist – Ditiro Rantloane

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Basic R170.00
Medinova R200.00
Paraffin R225.00
French Paint Extra (Add On) R25.00
French Polish (Add On) R55.00
Procedure Price (ZAR)
Basic R210.00
Medinova R240.00
Paraffin R225.00
Gel Pedicure R290.00
Medinova Gentleman’s Pedicure ( As endorsed by Mr. S.A. 2014 Finalist – Ditiro Rantloane) R210.00

Waxing (Lycon Wax)

Waxing Lip/Chin/Brow Shape


Formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON delivers superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other.

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Lip/ chin or eyebrow shape R90.00
Full face( exluding eyebrows) R240.00
Bikini R180.00
Brazilian R250.00
Hollywood R275.00
Underarms R110.00
Half legs R175.00
Full legs R250.00
Full arm R165.00
Full back R255.00
Chest R285.00
Stomach (excl stomach line for man) R200.00

Note: Please inform the therapist if you are taking any medication!

Body Massage

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Back/Neck & Shoulder (30min) R275.00
Back/Neck & Shoulder (45min) R325.00
Full Body Massage with Aromas (60min) R375.00


  • Slimming Machines electrically stimulate and firm your muscles
  • It is a simple, safe and painless alternative to surgery or drugs, while providing quick results, including reduction of cellulite, and improvement in body and skin tone.
  • During the exercise, a computer-controlled electrical message is transmitted to stimulate the selected muscle groups
  • When the electrical signal is applied directly to the muscle, the muscle will contract until the signal is removed, creating large energy demand on your muscles
  • This causes the surrounding fat to be burned for energy
  • The more powerful the strength of the signal, the harder the contraction will be
  • This is known as an involuntary muscle action, as it happens without the brain asking the muscle to contract
  • Calories are burned with the consistent use of the muscles, therefore the more the sliming machine is used, the more calories and fat is burned away
  • A computer controlled electronic slimming machine helps stimulate the body’s natural fat burning and toning processes to give you a lean and firm body
  • Fat is broken up and the body is strengthened and firmed
Procedure Price (ZAR)
30minute Session R250.00
Back/Neck & Shoulder (45min) R235.00
16 (30 Minute Sessions/ Upfront payment) R2600.00

Eyebrow Shaping/Tinting

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Eyebrow Tint R80.00
Eyelash Tint R90.00
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint R160.00

Sun Bed Treatments

Procedure Price (ZAR)
20 Minute Session R60.00
10 (20 Minute Sessions/ Upfront Payment) R500.00