Paramedical Procedures

  • The paramedical use of cosmetic tattooing is a highly specialized field and one in which Medinova is internationally acclaimed for
  • Paramedical uses of permanent makeup provide liberation from the embarrassment of unsightly scars and natural skin imperfections
  • Paramedical permanent makeup is the implantation of pigment within the skin in a safe and sterile environment
  • Permanent makeup provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars and burns, and breast reconstruction
  • Micro pigmentation’s ability to break up scar tissue and color it to better match your natural skin tone improves your appearance and gives you renewed confidence in your appearance

Areola Paramedical Procedures

Additional Treatments

Prior Surgery

For women who have undergone mastectomies, we offer a complex micropigmentation and full 3-D nipple restoration.


Areola And Nipple Restoration Using Micropigmentation And Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing


Lifelike reconstruction can be used to fashion a more natural look after breast reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of a lifelike areola and nipples


Color and circle definition in fading or irregular areolas can also be corrected to create a more natural-looking breast

  • Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss) Relief
  • Micropigmentation And Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing Experts
  • Medinova is nationally recognized expert in the use of cosmetic tattooing for paramedical procedures

Services & Pricing

General Procedures

Scar Treatment

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Tattoo Removal  Depends on size and colour
Port Wine Stain Removal  Depends on size
Scar Treatment  Come in for consulatation/ depends of type/ ages/ sizes & deepness
Stretch Marks  Depends on area and agars MUST come for consultation
Smoker Lines  Per treatment  R550+ different type of peel
Vittiligo Depends on size