Maps Maponyane

It’s been a little under a year since I started my grooming care relationship with Medinova, and I have to say I have been spurred on to share my extremely positive experience with the premium skincare brand. The treatments alone are not the sole reason I patronage the brand, it has been a welcoming opportunity to understand the technology behind the treatments that I received and continue to enjoy.

One of the things I appreciate is how Dr. Popovic tailors one’s needs at Medinova by doing a quality analysis on the skin as opposed to standardising treatments for all patients. I have a very sensitive skin and as a result I am easily deterred by majority of grooming channels, however with these procedures I can safely say that my skin has seen a drastic positive shift in reaction and thus results. My all -time favourite course of treatment includes PhotoDynamic Therapy which has been great in treating my hyperpigmentation and reactions from external elements such as sun damage, scarring and inflammation.

Cindy Michelle Mortimer

3 years ago my son Luke cut his cheek on a piece of glass . He sustained 8 stitches which has left a terrible scar . We have had three sessions of micro needling and there has been a huge improvement in the appearance of the scar .Milena has been a godsend and we are so pleased to have found her . My son who is now 8 years old is regaining his confidence . Thanks Milena :)

Nikola Deletic

In my matric year I was very insecure about my skin as my face was riddled with pimples and black-heads. I first went to Medinova a few months before my Matric Dance in the hopes that I could at least clear my skin a little before the big day. Milena managed to exceed my expectations, after only a few weekly-treatments there was a huge improvement to my face and not only was my skin better before my Matric Dance but so was my confidence. I am truly grateful of Milena for her excellent work in such a short period of time and would highly recommend her service to anyone.


Ditiro Rantloane

Beauty, Brains & Personality? Not Fair HAHAHA!!! Awesome!

Judith K

Milena, may God bless you and give you success in all that you do. Much love!

Naomi Schiff

What would life be without Medinova!