Services & Pricing

Manicures and Pedicures

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Pedicure standard R295.00
Manicure standard R205.00
Mini manicure R165.00
Mini pedicure R185.00

Hands and Nails

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Gelish Manicure R295.00
Gelish Pedicure R375.00
Plain Gelish (hands or feet) R275.00
For art per Finger add R10.00
Gelish soak off without doing any thing R100.00
Gelish Soak Off + Gelish Application R50.00

Acrylics and Tips

Procedure Price (ZAR)
New set acrylic R410.00
New set acrylic +nail polish R430.00
Overlay R350.00
New set Acrylic + Gelish R515.00
Fill Acrylic R255.00
One tip R55.00
New set with Gelish R590.00
ACRYLIC FILL with Gelish R495.00
Acrylic Soak off + New Set R60.00
Acrylic soak off without doing anything R150.00


Procedure Price (ZAR)
Patch Silk R25.00

Note: Please inform the therapist if you are taking any medication!

Gelish Deep

Procedure Price (ZAR)
Gelish Deep new set R415.00
Overlays Gelish  deep R295.00
Fill Gelish Deep R270.00


Procedure Price (ZAR)
Overlay R410.00
New Set Polygel with tips R430.00
Fill Polygel R300.00
Soak off R200.00